Delicious and other tagging sites

Signing up to Delicious really opened my eyes to a whole new world. While I haven’t been able to really invest the time as yet to tag and pin as much as I would like to, I know that this is an area I want to develop further. I signed up to Pinterest as well and have started investigating the best way to use this site. As one of the fastest growing social media tools, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

In reflection, I realised that Delicious had been introduced to me several years ago at work. The TL got up at a staff meeting and presented the tool. I remember asking myself why it was useful, but didn’t pursue it further. Either my mind was set against it, I didn’t understand fully the potential or the presentation didn’t fully explore. Whatever the reason, an opportunity was lost. This gives me something to think about when I find myself in that TL’s shoes trying to develop interest in the staff body of a new tool. What will I need to do to get a better response?

Delicious and other tagging tools have the ability to tag and ‘keep’ things you come across of interest. It is ‘cloud’ technology. Just like my bookmarking function on my web browser, these tools can capture a link, but I don’t need to keep it on my computer. There is great potential for this for the future of web technology. This is evidenced by the very popular response to Pinterest, a recently introduced application similar to Delicious. There is a continued place for such tools and I look forward to investigating them more when my studies are completed.

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