OLJ Task- Libraries using Social Media comparison

This task asks for a comparison of how three libraries use social media to support their goals.

I have chosen 3 diverse libraries which all use social media to meet the needs of their clients or users:

1. School library- Scotch College

2. Public council library- Brisbane City Council Libraries

3. University library- CSU

Scotch College library

Brisbane City Council Libraries

CSU Library


Uses blog to publish news and opinions about literature Blog used for announcements. literature reviews and interesting articles


Twitter used for announcements, links to interesting websites and poses literary questions Twitter for announcements, links and interesting articles links


Facebook page for Scotch College Breakfast series. Provides notifications and announcements as well as forum for feedback Facebook page to provide notifications of events and issue related links Facebook page for announcements, events and interesting links. Includes archival photos of CSU events.

RSS Feeds


Embeds youtube clips for book trailers in blog YouTube clips in Twitter

1. School library- Scotch College

scotch college blogscotch college FB

2. Public council library- Brisbane City Council Libraries

BCC library 2 BCC library 1

3. University library- CSU

CSU library

Reflection- Reasons why Libraries should be on social media

While it must be remembered that each of these libraries focuses on diverse user groups, each one has utilised some applications in social media. Social media can be used effectively to support services and inspire learning and reading, especially in a school library setting.

1. Timely announcements- using Twitter and Facebook to announce and promote events, book releases, service disruptions, change in opening hours etc.

2. Promoting reading- Blogs can be used effectively as a community to post ideas, questions, feedbacks, opinions, articles and podcasts about literature. Blogs become a collection point for many areas. Similarly, Facebook and Twitter can do the same. It is important to know your user base and provide access to whatever social media platform works best for them. Be aware what suits the purpose or function and be aware of what most people use.

3. Interesting related links- Blogs, Facebook and Twitter can all be used effectively to provide links top other social media and websites that relate to libraries, learning, research, skill development etc.

4. Feedback- social media provides an opportunity to get feedback from users. Libraries need to provide an effective service that promotes further library use. Social media provides that forum.


Scotch College-

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Brisbane City Council Libraries-

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Charles Sturt University Library-

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