Social networking trends for libraries 2009- 2012

These yearly blogs gave interesting insight into the development of social media over the four years.

What was very interesting was the increase in mobile technology and use of social networking beyond promotion for libraries. In Module 4, the questions were asked:


  1. Which of these tools and trends has already impacted on your library or organisation?
  2. Which of these tools and trends have been discussed by people within your library or organisation as having potential in supporting its goals?
  3. Which of these tools and trends have not yet hit your library or organisation’s radar?


  1. The school library has a webpage and blog. This is updated by the head librarian, but I would be surprised how many community members read it, use it or even know it exists. The school has investigated mobile technology in the form of iPads rather than Kindles due to the wider application benefits in the area of ‘creating’. 
  2. QR codes have been discussed, but with younger students without ready mobile technology, the benefits are limited as yet. Lib guides are offered to students in the senior school.
  3. Social media has been a bit of a dirty word at my school. There are no social media classes because social media is not promoted. I think the library also needs to investigate Google applications and Google+ more thoroughly.

The school library has a long journey ahead, but the main obstacle will be convincing the community of the important place social media has in our everyday lives and as such can be used as a effective learning tool.


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