There is an important place for blogging in Library 2.0.

Not all teacher librarians are going to be experts in webpage programming; however, blogging sites allow all an equal playing field when it comes to getting the library information out there into cyberspace. Library blogs provide a new platform to communicate many topics regularly. Once, TLs may have made a display to highlight interesting books or events. A library blog is a much more cost and time effective method to do this instead.

Many topics can be covered in library blogs. Brisbane Grammar School use their library blog to communicate events, reflect on books and communicate important needs.


The Melbourne High School Library Blog features posts about library events, literary news and useful education news.

Melbourne HS

Emily Pyers wrote

But it can be a relatively low-maintenance tool to help you communicate the library’s activities and the value of its resources to staff, students and parents alike.

Blogs are either free or very cheap (depending on which service you use); easy-to-use (even for those of us who are quite technologically ignorant); chronologically organised (which makes them incredibly easy to navigate); and can be spectacularly easy to disseminate where RSS feeds are used. And they don’t necessarily have to be directed at your students for them to be useful to your school. You could just as easily create a staff blog that promotes staff professional development and current educational news, thereby drawing attention to how the library resources can support staff as well as students.


As well as for communication and marketing purposes, Library blogs have the potential to provide feedback from users which allows libraries to respond to the needs of their users more effectively.

Clearly a library blog has the potential to open the school library beyond its walls and promote a range of products, events and interests to students, staff and community. A library blog is a must have for Library 2.0.

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