OLJ Task- A to Z of Social Networking for Libraries

Directions: READ the post A to Z of Social Networking for Libraries (22 January, 2010) on the Social Networking for Libraries blog.

Consider this advice in terms of a library and information agency that you know (as an employee or user). Select advice from five (5) letters of this A-Z list and consider how these may be applied to this library to help it embrace a Library 2.0 ethos. Write up your findings as a post (of no more than 350 words in your OLJ).

The context- The school library is only just ‘dipping its toes’ in social media. There is no real attempt to promote its use, allow feedback from the range of users or update regularly. Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Flickr are not used at all. Delicious and YouTube are used occasionally.

A- Active- The most important of all the suggestions in the blog is to be active participants of social media. Websites need to be updated regularly and changes communicated to users. To apply this, the school library needs to promote and actively use social media platforms to communicate, collaborate, create content and develop a community (the 4Cs).

E-Ebooks- Along with moving ahead on mobile devices or BYO technology, the libraries need to wisely budget, purchase, monitor use and promote an Ebook collection of both fiction and non-fiction. The key to this is promotion. If users do not know Ebooks are available, then the program will be a self-perpetuating failure and finance managers will drop the program as not worthwhile.

G-Good Reads- The teacher librarian has started to put together book reviews using augmented reality. While this is interesting for younger students, it relies on access to mobile devices. Book reviews could be promoted through a number of platforms. A blog could focus on good reads. Students and staff could be encouraged to participate as well, compiling a comprehensive list of wide ranging texts and promote the web page at the same time.

M- Mobile- The school has begun to promote the use of mobile devices. With that decision, the library needs to investigate and promote mobile spaces. What is the point of having a mobile device if you only have tables and chairs to sit at? Spaces and seating arrangements need to be mobile as well. Furniture will need to be purchased to allow users to move themselves around, and have a number of different configurations.

Z-zeal- Enthusiasm is needed from library and academic staff alike. Teacher librarians can advocate the use of social media by simply using it and promoting its use to others.

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