Technology is more than it seems!

As part of Module 1, I read some articles from Kevin Kelly, one of the founders of Wired Magazine.

In Ethnic Technology, Kevin Kelly discusses that technology is more than just an innovation. People adopt technological change based on more than its usefulness. There appears to be a social status or social impression attached as well.

“Technologies have a social dimension beyond their mere mechanical performance.  We adopt new technologies largely because of what they do for us, but also in part because of what they mean to us. Often we refuse to adopt technology for the same reason: because of how the avoidance reinforces, or crafts our identity.” (Kelly, 2009)

“Technology is our greatest invention so far.” (Kelly, 2009)

While the phrase “technium” is a new one for me, I found this philosophical approach to technology quite interesting- ‘anything interesting that a mind makes’. Who makes the decision about what is interesting? Everyone?

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