Refine the rules of copyright: Creative Commons

Throughout this course, Creative Commons has appeared in many subjects, but this video explained it so well, I found myself wishing I had access to it when I was first introduce to Creative Commons.

I plan to show this to everyone at school.

Creative Commons Licenses

I have to admit that copyright for teachers equals hassle and confusion. While it has been around for a long time, teachers often viewed it as an infringement on their rights to copy whatever they want. I have personally heard this attitude from co-teachers. Recently at my placement at a TAFE library, a librarian made a similar comment to me about teachers being quite slow to understand copyright. Their thoughts were that teachers didn’t want to understand it as it meant they had to follow the rules. This is a harsh comment. I think most teachers do want to do the right thing when it comes to copyright, but they don’t fully understand the rules.

Enter creative commons! What an amazing concept. The video above explained eloquently how everything we produce has automatic copyright, but if we want to share for others to use or even change, we can with a creative commons license. It seems to me this is a very underrated idea and should be promoted more within schools. While I have used Creative Commons to find usable content, I haven’t fully understood the restrictions or usefulness. In the current environment of ‘information overload’, where access and download is easy to do, Creative Commons provides boundaries and guides towards how this information can be used.

I think this opens many new doors, especially in a Web 2.0 world!

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