OLJ Task – Social Networking- 1st entry

A. What is social networking?

Social networking has always been about. It used to be about gathering with like-minded individuals and sharing your knowledge and expertise to assist others. The size of such a  network was limited to the physical space.

With the emergence of the Web, an almost limitless access to information allowed that physical space to be broadened considerably in to virtual space. Now with the advent of web2.0, the internet not only provides a place to access information, but to create and share it as well. This is what Social Networking is like today. With the help of internet programs, social networking is no longer limited to local surroundings. Anyone and everyone in the world can now share knowledge and expertise as though they are with you in the same room. The world is definitely a smaller place!

Social sites function as a community of like-minded individuals, sharing much more than was ever possible before.

B. Social Networking technologies currently in use

Personal- none

Work- none

Study- WordPress, Wikispaces

C. INF506 Learning

With only those two items listed down, I would expect to widen my understanding of social networking considerably. I do know it has a very important role to play in information gathering in the 21st century and I would hope to become more familiar with it, rather than fear it.

I admit I haven’t rushed to join Facebook or Twitter. My immediate thought was always that I had nothing to say of interest to anyone out there in the world. Those who knew me could speak to me face to face if they were interested in what I had to say. This thought has been confirmed by the number of stories I have heard about the absolute ‘twaddle’ some people have posted. I tend to be rather selective about the information I wish to receive.

I do, however, realise that social networking has more to offer than information about what celebrities are doing/thinking/saying. Think of all the shared knowledge that can be quickly disseminated throughout the world! Important information is shared instantly. Problems and misunderstandings solved faster than ever before! The potential for such a tool is limitless. We just have to see its potential and that is what I hope to do in my little part of the world.